Week 14 Story: Draupadi Humiliated

Authors Note: This is a story of how Duryodhana puts the Pandavas to shame by humiliating and taking his wife Draupadi as slave. I really liked the message in this story and recreated it. I felt really strong emotions to how she was treated. I did not think of or make up this story! Image Source: Bibliography:

Reading Notes: Ramayana Part D

Reading Note Summary Bhisma Falls Bhishma tread down the forest in his horse Krishna told Yudhisthira "Bhishma has vowed that he will not slay one who had been born a woman, knowing that the righteous would defame him if he slew a female. Let  Shikhandin  be therefore sent against him with  Arjuna ." Krishna tells the fate of Bhishma "It is fated that Bhishma will fall on the morrow, a victim of wrong. As he hath fought against those whom he loveth, so must thou, Arjuna, fight against him. He hath shown thee how  kshatriyas  must ever wage war, although their foemen be hated or well beloved." Sikandhin was a woman made male by Yaksha, she accompanied Arjuna Duryodhana prevailed upon Bhisma and wanted to defeat the Pandavas again "This day will I overcome the  Pandavas  or perish on the field of battle." Duryodhana challenged Arjuna, and a battle ensued Battle lasted for hours Arjuna shot arrow at Bhisma and pierced him, and he died Bhishma told Duryodhana

Week 11 Story: Krishna Shows His True Self

Author's Note: This is a story of Krishna trying to make peace yet again between the Pandavas and Kauravas. It also shows Krishna in his true form and as a powerful being. I really liked this story and recreated it. I did not think of or make up this story! This story is about Krishna's visit to the Kaurava's. It was the Pandava's turn to rightfully get what they had lost back. They had even spent thirteen years in exile as told. They sent a message to the Kauravas.  It was as following:     "Tell thou  Duryodhana  that we will accept that portion of the  raj  which we ourselves have conquered and settled: he can retain the rest. My desire is for peace." Many days went past, and the Pandavas waited in vain for an answer to their message. Krishna was still trying his best to make peace between the two parties and avoid war. Therefore,  Krishna went to address the situation. "I will now journey unto Hastinapura and address the  maharajah  and his counsellor

Reading Notes: Ramayana Part C (Tuesday and Wednesday)

Author's Note Life In The Forest Pandavas go into exile, Draupadi with them Yudhisthira tells the Brahmins how he lost everything He was advised to pray to the sun God so he did They got a copper pot with food and they always shared it with others They met many sages They also went through alot of troubles in the forest and when faint Bhima would carry them on his back and under his arms Krishna's Visit Krishna visits the Pandavas Draupadi companies:   "The evil-hearted Duryodhana  dared to claim me for his slave, and the Pandavas looked on in silence when I was put to shame. Is it not the duty of a husband to protect his wife? These husbands of mine, who have the prowess of lions, saw me afflicted, nor lifted a hand to save." Krishna tells Draupadi the future "Thou wilt yet live to see the wives of those men who persecuted thee lamenting over their fallen husbands as they welter in their life blood. I will help the Pandavas, and thou wilt be once again a queen o

Week 9 Story: Draupadi's Five Husbands

Authors Note: This is a story of Draupadi who was Nalayani in her past life. In this life she marries the five Pandava brothers. This story provides an explanation for why Draupadi has five husbands as it is very uncommon for a woman to have more than one husband in the Ramayana. This is not my own story I am simply writing it with some twists and turns of my own. When Arjuna wins Draupadi as bride after successfully completeling the bow task. He takes her as huis bride. Upon returning home the Pandava brothers tell their mother Kunti of a gift they had received  She asks them to share the gift and then realizes it is a bride. After asking a rishi about the situation they are told she will be the wife of all five Pandava brothers and not just Arjuna. Drupada, Draupadi's father, is concerned about his daughter having five husbands. Upon seeing his concern the rishi explains Draupadi's karma and past life story.  The rishi tells him she was married to another rishi who after gett

Reading Notes: Ramayana Part B

The House of Fire Prince Vadhura knew what Duryodhana was plotting but his status was low due to his mother being a slave girl The Pandavas  and Queen Kunti loved the beautiful palace  But Prince Yudhishthira saw  the furniture and the tapestries were were all soaked in oil. And that the palace and roof were made of material that would easily burn like wood.  He said,  "I fear, my mother, that we are in grave danger and the King or Prince Duryodhana seeks to burn us alive. Else why should the furniture and tapestries be soaked in oil and the palace walls and roof be made only of wood?" Prince Vidhura decided on helping them and helped the Pandavas make an underground passage that went into the woods Purochana was ready to set the house on fire but Prince Bhima set the house on fire while sending the rest into the woods and Purochana was consumed in the fire A wind came that also caught the fire, a low caste woman with five kids came and the Pandavas gave them food but they al