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  1. Hey Zille,
    Its great that you chose Rama and Sita as the topic for the showcase of love. Your website was easy to navigate, however, I was not able to find the link for the comment wall anywhere and had to go the project links to find it. I hope you update your website with it soon! In the first paragraph you have written, "by here mere presence that she was the one." If I am not wrong, it should be "her" instead of "here." Flowers fell into her hands while she was praying?! Haha, so dramatic! Sita's father's name should be King Janaka and not Jataka (at least according to the Tiny Tales book I read.) I think you should re-check it, just in case. I have read that Sita was described as the daughter of the Earth goddess but not the Earth goddess herself. I can totally understand if you want to create another version of the old story with these details, in that case, just update the Author's note! I look forward to read other stories from you!

  2. Hi Zille,
    I love your story and I think it was super easy to follow while reading your story. You were able to describe a lot of creative details such as Parashurama's character. You even had a whole quote describing him. I think that it was incredibly nice that you included that Sita was "picky" to find someone to marry her. She finally found someone and he was able to pass the test and received blessing. I wonder what the conversation between Parashuma and Lakhshamana went. I saw that you mentioned that he was almost killed because he made fun of the bow. I think about what if you added a dialogue to the story like a conversation. I think that would make the story a little more interesting and relatable. Overall, I enjoy reading your story a lot and I am looking forward to read your next story that you will add to the porfolio.

  3. Hi Zille,
    I truly love the story of Rama and Sita, so I was already excited to read your story whenever I saw what the topic was about! I think overall you captured the story very well and showed how no matter what, Rama and Sita (Vishnu and Lakshmi) will end up together. I think if you added some dialogue, such as when Lakshmana calls the bow old and gets in a fight with Parashurama, could really add to the tension and drama to the story. I also wonder how beautiful and extravagant the wedding would have been for Rama and Sita, as they were not only incarnates of gods, but they were also a prince and princess! I feel like the wedding would have been gorgeous and surrounded with many cultural references, such as the rituals you talked about in your story. Overall, I think you captured the love of Rama and Sita very well!

  4. Hi Zille!
    I found myself loving to read about Rama and Sita, so the fact that you are making a whole storybook about it is exciting for me. I feel like their love is truly unmatched and that Rama would go through great lengths for Sita. This made me really excited to see what you were going to write about them. I love all the pictures you have included of them two, it makes the story a lot more visionable. I think that you did a outstanding job depicting the love that Rama and Sita have for one another. Something that makes the readers more captivated and feel more apart of the story is the incorporation of dialogue. In doing this the reader feels more of the emotions of the characters and it draws a stronger connection. Overall I think you are on a great path and I am excited to see what more you have to come! Great Job!

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  6. Hi Zille!
    Rama and Sita’s love story is probably my favorite – minus the fact she was abandoned like tr*sh. Anyway, I love the fact that your project showcases their story because there is a lot to say and to unpack.
    What I could suggest to you is to increase the font size a bit for The First Sight of Love page; it was a bit difficult to focus and read sometimes. Besides, for your comment wall link, you should insert a hyperlink; it would be more “neat” and pretty. The same goes for your image source link and bibliography link. I don’t know if it is a spelling mistake, but you wrote Laxmi instead of Lakshmi (or Laksmi), or maybe this how it was written originally in the stories you read.
    Overall, your website and layout were clear and easy to navigate.
    Thanks for your stories, and I’m impatient to read your next stories!

  7. Hi Zille! I really enjoyed reading you storybook “Rama and Sita”! I think this is such an amazing storybook topic, and their love story is one filled with much drama! But like you said, one that people will remember – so I’m so glad that you covered it on your storybook topic! I really enjoyed the layout you created in your individual stories – in some stories you began with the authors note, while others you added it at the end. Within the storybook the indentations to distinguish the quotes and the context was also nice for me as a reader. On “Sita Departs” I really enjoyed the theme picture you added, it had so much life – it really captured the story in one picture. All the theme pictures were amazing! I was immediately able to attach each picture to the story. Like they say, a picture is a thousand words! Overall, well done!

  8. Hi Zille! I really enjoyed reading your story! I always love reading about a good love story. You can really see how Rama was in love with Sita and would do anything for her. I really liked how you introduced the story and gave some background about each of the characters to provide a very good setup for the rest of the story. It was interesting to see all the ritual stuff that goes along with love. It was cool to see Rama win Sita's love over just by breaking her bow and then receiving blessings from the hermit. This was a beautiful start to the love story of Rama and Sita and I thought you did a very good job overall starting your first story off. You provided a good backbone for the rest of them and I hope your semester finishes up well and you have a successful future!


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